The Collections – Sculpture

After more than twenty years of activity, the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism® has decided to exhibit in the rooms of the newborn Del Bianco Foundation Museum, housed in the splendid setting of Palazzo Coppini, memories, objects, and books that it has been donated over time.

What we find on display in the various rooms and corridors is a priceless treasure, not so much as regards the material preciousness of objects – although in many cases this is also the case – as because of the meaning they represent and because all of them have been donated wholeheartedly, with respect and with gratitude by the hundreds of people, as well as public and private institutions with whom the Foundation has been establishing deep relationships throughout these years.

The extraordinary nature of the collection lies in the genuineness with which it has been donated. Indeed, this collection can be rightly considered unique and inestimable due to the fact that it stands out as a token of a humanity and an almost familiar authenticity that has no parallel in any other city collections.

It testifies how much and how the Foundation has been very active, with the people and institutions of more than 83 countries and universities, committing itself with the purpose of promoting Peace and Friendship through the promotion of Cross-Cultural Dialogue among Peoples, for a better World and the respect of each one’s own expression of Culture, Arts, Music and Usages and Customs.

All this is breathed in the rooms of the Palazzo Coppini when observing its showcases with the hundreds of objects exhibited in them: lacquers from more than 5 different countries, variegated in their shapes and shiny surfaces; crystals of a thousand colours; shaped metals and woods; variegated porcelains and precious fabrics of skilfully worked silk and wool, all works that reflect and bear witness to the cultures of origin and all, without exclusion, expressing affection and profound humanity.

On display in the rooms, in addition to hundreds of tokens that testify friendship in the form of artefacts, lacquers variegated in their shapes and shiny surfaces, crystals of a thousand colours, shaped metals and woods, polychromatic porcelains and precious silk and wood fabrics, we can also find important sculptures  from various countries that have been collected over the years since the beginning of the Foundation’s activity.

All these works, without exclusion, are the expression of affection and profound humanity.



Others have followed one another over time, namely: Stephan Dousa, from Poland, of whom we have several cast works, specifically dedicated to people and events related to the Foundation; Jadwiga Janus, also from Poland; Ermir Grezda, from Albania, with his resin sculptures; the famous Jo Oda, from Japan, with polished steel works; Amanda Hatton, from the United States; Dino and Sirio De Ranieri, with their Carrara marble sculptures, which we can admire in the Central Hall named after Maurizio Bossi with the so-called colection f “exagerrated portraits” (i.e. “caricature portrait” collection), which actually represents in a caricatural way the different states of mind common to all of humanity. Other smaller and larger works are displayed in the showcases located in the various rooms and all of them represent a personal and emotional involvement of those who conceived and donated them.

Among the sculptors on display, special mention is deserved by Keiso Mori, Japanese of origin, who having been hosted for a period of learning in Tuscany, left two busts, now placed in the Comech room, portraying Antonietta and Romualdo Del Bianco, respectively, whom he knew well.