The Collections – Architecture

Palazzo Coppini, as the headquarters of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism®, has contained for six centuries the history of Florence in the area between two important Florentine worship places, namely San Lorenzo and Santa Maria Novella.
The building of Renaissance origin was initially built as an aristocratic mansion of particular interest, and fully respects the criteria of comfort, functionality and symmetry introduced by Leon Battista Alberti: suffice it to mention a beautiful courtyard with open gallery, the main staircase leading to the main floor or an extraordinary spiral stone staircase.

The current furnishing offers an exceptional example of 19th-century workmanship that perfectly harmonises with the precious pieces purchased from historic Florentine antiquarians, as shown for example by the fireplace in the great hall, the elegant fountain in the courtyard, and the original wooden doors that have been opening daily for more than 500 years now.


Over 800 donations and 100 honours from over 50 countries are on display in the Palace, including costumes, traditional masks, sculptures, art objects, handicrafts and everyday objects; works that capture the imagination of visitors, who are enchanted by a real journey through time and cultures.

A significant Renaissance and 19th-century architectural style together alongside an exceptional collection make Palazzo Coppini a place of great historical and artistic value, mostly thanks to the passion and commitment of the Del Bianco family.