Del Bianco Foundation Museum – a monument dedicated to different cultures and human relationships

The Del Bianco Foundation Museum physically represents the outcome and the symbol of the decades-long work accomplished by the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism® and by its international network, so that human relations, openness to the other, mutual knowledge through cultural and natural heritage, be it tangible or intangible, can be recognised as essential needs of the ‘Human Family’.

The Del Bianco Foundation Museum, housed in Palazzo Coppini, is a vital parte vital of the Centro Congressi al Duomo, which has established and annually supported the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, as a Study Centre devoted to the research on the themes of travel, heritage and dialogue among cultures, developing and concretising the concept of interculturalism among peoples with the Life Beyond Tourism® movement over a period of more than 25 years of activity.

The purpose of its premises is to preserve, communicate and exhibit for the purposes of study, education and simple pleasure a private collection of gifts – which have been received from people during their stay or delivered personally – made available to citizens, consisting of several cultural sectors related to traditions, usages and customs of over 83 countries that share the Foundation’s commitment to developing communication among peoples.

A rare library with over 6,000 books written in 51 languages and in 12 alphabets from all over the world and focusing largely on the tangible and intangible world heritage.

Precious collections of artefacts that, in addition to being invaluable for the preciousness of the materials used, represent recognition and esteem towards the Foundation by the people and public and private institutions that have given them to us wholeheartedly.

A place for meeting and reflection, a practical application of cross-cultural dialogue, a testimony of the activity that the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation has undertaken and developed by combining the collection of  gifts from all over the world with the realization of a path that has lasted for decades, in different countries, with the aim of developing and welcoming mutual knowledge.

Great sculptors, painters, and other artists of all kinds are present in the Del Bianco Foundation Museum to let themselves be known and to offer their own culture and mastery; endless types of objects collected, catalogued and made visible to discover traditions and customs of countries very far from ours.

This journey, which  started in the premises of the Centro Congressi al Duomo with some works donated by their own makers, continues and reaches its conclusion at the Foundation Museum, where, totally immersed in the collections, it is possible to breathe the air of internationality and start – as we hope – a series of reflections on the founding values of humanity, such as brotherhood and peace.